Armed Security Guards

An elite group of highly trained and experienced armed security guards services for the protection of high value assets.

Highly skilled armed security guards Services Sydney

Pinnacle Protection provides you with a skilled and licenced armed security force. Our Armed security guards are highly trained and ready to guard high value assets and individuals. Our guards have unrivalled knowledge and experience to deal with any type of situation that may arise. We have one of the finest armed security guards services in Sydney, Illawarra, the Northern Beaches, Wollongong and Newcastle region.

Our guards are well versed with the law and best know how to act accordingly and within reason as stated by the firearms act. To find out more about our security guards please call us on (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below

Pinnacle Protection - Armed Security guards

Training and Capabilities

Our elite armed security guards are able to recognise and neutralise any potential threats before they become a serious problem. Having a strong tactical training background, the guards are able to deal with any situation with the utmost care and diligence ensuring your assets, loved ones and yourself stay secure. Our Armed security guards are also able to perform high risk operations such as ensuring a safe route in the transportation of money and other high end assets, or an individual or group of people. Our tactical task force armed security guards guarantees to guard your valuables.

Money and other valuables in transit is a major area of expertise our guards specialise in and take major precautions with. You are guaranteed to be kept updated on the situation and any changes to the risk management plan will be made over with yourself at the helm. While there are many armed security options, what sets Pinnacle protection apart from the others is the following:

  • Our security guards are appointed after a rigorous training course
  • Our guards  are trained for emergency responses
  • We specialise in risk mitigation
  • All of our guards are well-spoken
  • All of our security guards are licensed firearms holders

Advanced Technology & Equipment

Pinnacle protection offers a top of the range GPS tracking system to monitor where guards have been patrolling. We formulate GPS log reports and ensure that every guard is keeping on track with the jobs description as well as any specific requests from yourself. Our specially designed easy to read reports will be made available at request and be thoroughly detailed. Pinnacle Protection’s armed guards can also wear a high-visibility vest or a uniform selection of your choice appropriate with the conditions. 

Our guards present a strong and intimidating presence wearing tactical gear and displayed mounted guns, however guards can also be requested to dress as subtle as possible and carry a handgun such as a pistol if necessary, although rules and regulations can change at any time and we recommend to contact us on (02) 8959 9438 for your quote and any inquiries on dress code as well as weapon regulations and practices.

If you have valuables that need high level protection then don’t hesitate to call us to hear from you and get the security you need right away.

Armed Security Guards Diversified Roles

Your Armed security guard options vary from static guards, vehicle patrol, emergency response and scheduled guard patrols to ensure a maximum security presence and provide you with the protection you need. The goal of our armed security guard tactical force is to prevent any form of damage on the asset at hand, ensuring you with a force that will protect your asset to the most extreme extent. Not only will our guards protect your asset but they possess the capability to detain possible threats. Our guards have been expertly trained in risk identification and risk management in order to neutralise a possible threat before the situation escalates.

Overview of Armed Security Guards

Prevention of
Any damage

The main task of our armed security team is the prevention of any damage or loss to the asset at hand.

Identify &

Our security guards are experts in risk identification and have the capability to detain offenders who pose a risk. They are capable enough to handle a situation before it gets worse.

Highly Skilled &

Our security guards team are highly trained and skill professionals. They have gone through training courses and have years of experience.


By Australian legislation, the most lethal firearms a guard could carry are high caliber handguns and shotguns. If you feel that your persons or properties require extra protection with more lethal weapons, then we could alternatively offer to have more armed guards on your premises.

Alternatively, your premises may not require lethal weapons and instead a guard security armed with a baton may be all you need. Contact our friendly staff and we could bring together the best plan for you.

Armed security guards could only be used to directly protect property and therefore must be stationed on the premises.  For assets and people, armed security guards must be escorting them, such as cash-in-transit or or high profile persons.

Generally yes, because armed guards tend to work under high threat conditions. The level of danger of the job and the weapon you would like to have them equipped with will alter the price. Contact us and we advise you on the most cost-effective security measures that will also save your property and persons.