Counter Terrorism

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Counter Terrorism Services & Training Programs

Terrorism knows no boundary it has remained a major security challenge for Australia and the world over the last decade.  Pinnacle Protection provides counter terrorism services and training programs that will help you safeguard yourself and the people around you. With a little knowledge, you can increase your safety and help protect yourself against a terrorist attack.

Our training programs teach individuals and teams how to scan for anything that seems out of the ordinary in their environments. We also offer security personnel and technologies that could enhance the protection of you and your premises. 

The training program will involve helping you identify a terrorist, understand how to determine the level of risk that you and your surroundings are to terrorist attacks, and to formulate a plan to mitigate the issue and increase the survival of you and the people around you.

To learn more about our training programs for countering terrorism please call on at (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below.

Pinnacle Protection - Counter-Terrorism

Overview of Counter Terrorism


We offer purpose built training and counter programs for terrorism that have been compiled by our security risk management consultants.


We provide you with the best counter terrorism guards that have years of experience and have completed our purpose built training program.


Our countering terrorism squad are able to provide perimeter protection and lock down an area.