Counter Terrorism

Protecting you from any threat.

Counter Terrorism Services & Training Programs

Terrorism is an extremely dangerous threat to society. It knows no boundary and has remained a major security challenge for the last decade, not only in Australia, but the entire world. Here at Pinnacle Protection, We see it as our duty to help in the fight against terrorism and provide our valued clients with top of the line, counter terrorism services. Our expert personnel are trained in threat identification and neutralisation. They can and will identify any threats nearby and take the appropriate next steps in how they deal with such a threat, to protect themselves, the nation and individuals nearby.

Our Training

With a little knowledge, you can increase your safety and help protect yourself, colleagues and/ or loved ones from a terrorist attack.

Here at Pinnacle Protection, Our training programs teach individuals and teams how to scan your surroundings for any possible threat, things that seem out of the ordinary and possibly dangerous in your environment.  We formulate a plan to mitigate the issue to ensure we keep you and the people surrounding you safe. Terrorism is something extra hard to control, which is why we dedicate an expert counter terrorism team to get the situation under control. All our guards speak English and are trained in the best of communication methods, to help calm the situation but also take charge and neutralise the threat. 

Pinnacle Protection - Counter-Terrorism

Perimeter protection & Lock down procedures

Our expertly trained counter terrorism team ensures your perimeter is safe and secure at all times through our top of the line counter terrorism strategy. We conduct; frequent patrols, CCTV checks both portable and permanent are available for installation and setup, alarm response both on foot and vehicle guard services are available, roadblocks and any other form of immediate protection we can create through analysing your site in our security risk management plan. In the event of an intruder or attack, we swiftly lock down the entire area, contact local authorities and begin the neutralisation of the threat process. Our personnel know the risks associated with their job and are willing to protect and defend you at all costs, ensuring your loved ones, surroundings and yourself survival.

Political & Places of worship counter terrorism

Counter-terrorism is often most important for premises and persons of highly political or religious standing. Therefore places most at risk are places of worship, government estates, religious and political leaders. We offer services to minimise the risk to these places and peoples including, professional bodyguards, armed security, surveillance technologies and more. We also offer training programs that will give you the tools needed to build an effective counter-terrorist procedure that can significantly assist you in preventing and reducing terrorism.

To learn more about our training programs for countering terrorism please call on at (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below.

Counter terrorism Australia

Pinnacle Protection offers you the finest in counter terrorism tactics, we ensure to formulate a strict risk management plan consisting of checkpoints, metal scans, undercover and uniformed personnel, ID checks, body checks as well as any other security request you see fit and some other added security layers depending on the location. For example, for a premise, we’ll add our latest GPS security tracking technology to track and ensure guards are doing their expected patrols, this also helps us view our heat maps of where the guards are patrolling pointing out any weak spots in the plan so we can get them under control. Our security is our priority and we guarantee you an unmatched quality service, one that keeps you and your guests/ surroundings safe at all costs. Our counter terrorism force is one of the most adaptable in the industry, being able to perfectly and smoothly work with you and your surroundings, ensuring no time is wasted. We are extremely cost effective, making sure we fit you with the right security services for the situation. Providing you with the counter terrorism strategy and task force you and your loved ones deserve.

Overview of Counter Terrorism


We offer purpose built training and counter programs for terrorism that have been compiled by our security risk management consultants.


We provide you with the best counter terrorism guards that have years of experience and have completed our purpose built training program.


Our countering terrorism squad are able to provide perimeter protection and lock down an area.


Our counter terrorism personnel can be armed at your request, we offer a wide range of guards and understanding that not all our clients need armed guards and vice versa.

Yes. We will provide you with all your security needs to ensure yourself and others are protected and safe guarded at all times.

Pinnacle Protection plans your route and all possible routes including the surrounding areas of your site if that is what is being guarded. We will contact the local authorities and with their permission have a secure plan to block off any public venues that may have threats to your safety.