Facilities Management Services

We provide professional cleaning services to a wide range of commercial , residential and buildings.

Facility Management Services

Pinnacle Protection can provide you with a wide range of facility management services for your premises. Our team specializes in making sure your building is in top condition. We offer building maintenance, cleaning, management and security services in Sydney, Illawarra, the Northern Beaches, Wollongong and Newcastle region 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a regular part of everyday facility management. It is important to keep your premises regularly cleaned as they tend to have many people commuting in and out of the premises quickly building up dust, dirt and grime. Especially during this age of covid-19, the need to keep your buildings in pristine and hygienic condition has become absolutely necessary. We offer all kinds of cleaning services. These include:

  • General cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Strata and residential cleaning
  • High-Pressure cleaning
  • Periodical works
  • Strip and seal
  • Event and function cleaning
  • Construction cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Hygiene services
  • Waste management and recycling solutions
  • Chemical and consumable disposals

We provide these services to various sectors, our staff are professionally trained to give you quality results while keeping your privacy in mind. You can be sure that you and your patrons will feel lifted inside a clean environment that is free of foul odours. With our reliable cleaning services, we provide the best customer service to help you out in any situation.

Cleaning Services
Corporate Building

Building Management Maintenance & Security

Pinnacle Protection in providing building & facility management services.  With our building management services we keep your property properly maintained. Our experts are fully licensed and can handle any task related to building maintenance such as:

  • Management of all security operations
  • On-site Supervisor
  • patrolling the building
  • controlling in’s and out’s of deliveries
  • concierge and reception service
  • Supervision of communications systems
  • Fire safety

Our security officers and/or cleaners on your premises can formally log any maintenance requirements in your building including broken lights, elevators, windows, and more. Broken lights in particular are important to have fixed in evacuation pathways in case of the unlikely situation that a fire does break out especially at night, patrons will need to be able to effectively navigate out of a burning building. We also train our staff to use fire panels on your site and to be aware of fire ways. This allows them to be vigilant on keeping fire evacuation routes clear of obstructions and also to use the fire panels to check on activated smoke alarms and guide fire brigade personnel around the building.

Security services

Pinnacle Protection’s facility management security team is capable of keeping your premises safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security officers can patrol your premises, monitor CCTV cameras and ward off crime as well as report on general maintenance in and around the building. If you do not have CCTV cameras or alarms set up on your site, then we could help you get them installed. Our patrollers utilise cutting edge GPS patrol technology. This technology uses a GPS-tracked reader that scans points/tags strategically set up around your premises to make sure that your premises are well and truly secured and protected.

Concierge Security

Guards can  also provide concierge services which are especially popular for more formal premises such as businesses and hotels to assist as information clerics, escorting patrons, answering phone calls for building enquiries all while keeping on top of security. 

When it comes to facilities management, Pinnacle Proteciton have you covered. We have a range of services from security, maintenance and cleaning; all your building management needs one phone call away. So please feel free to contact us, and we can get you started on your path to a cleaner, more secure building today. 


Yes of course. Pinnacle Protection have experienced covid-19 marshals who can ensure hand-sanitation, shopping equipment are wiped and people are maintaining social distancing. If you have any other responsibilities you would like our officers to take care of, please let us know.

Yes. Our facility management equipment boasts a range of basic to high quality cleaning tools. We can assist you in formulating a plan of when high pressure cleaning should be done to make sure your building is in pristine condition while keeping within your budget.

Yes absolutely. We can have guards come dressed to occasion and already keep corporate and formal where in stock for clients that request it.