Retail Security Solutions, Loss Prevention, and Concierge Security

We thrive to provide the best retail security solutions aimed at loss prevention and concierge security.

Our Retail Security Solutions Are Aimed at Loss Prevention

Predominantly as a result of negligence, Australian businesses lose over $3.3 billion dollars per year due to in-store crime. This is a staggering amount, and if left unidentified, the potential risk to your business can result in vulnerabilities that may leave your business exposed. As a result, our retail security solutions are geared towards loss prevention.

Pinnacle Protection provides the best retail security solutions in Sydney that effectively identify and control weaknesses for your business and in turn implement plans to combat those weaknesses. Quite often, shop staff members themselves are responsible for theft. Our officers are trained to identify thefts from all potential shoplifters and produce detailed reports which are written regularly onsite and sent to management for review. When significant issues are reported, our management team distributes the information to other staff members and to our clients and follows up with guards to ensure that the newly reported risks are known while onsite.

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Pinnacle Protection - Retail, Loss Prevention, and Concierge Security

Retail Security Technologies

For retail, depending on the type, location and size of a shop, a range of retail security solutions are available. Most commonly, CCTV camera installation and alarm monitoring systems are used in conjunction with manpower to ensure there is a visible and covert impediment to theft. We have mobile patrols available to monitor alarms and are a good way to have a number of retail stores spread across a region reinforced with a light security presence and for backup. Here at Pinnacle Protection we offer installation of these technologies to help prevent loss to your business. For our full price range and product list, get in touch with us now.

Why Pinnacle Protection’s retail security solutions and concierge?

Pinnacle Protection’s security officers are well trained at identifying potential threats to your business while also providing respectable customer service as concierge. This includes greeting customers, providing store directions and coordinating with staff regarding customer concerns. On occasion, officers will ask customers to show them their bag contents in case any items have been stolen. Our guards have a good eye for potential crimes and will identify who should be checked. During this covid-19 pandemic, our guards have assisted Australian retail stores as hygiene marshalls, ensuring that customers are hand-sanitizing when entering and leaving the store, the number of people in the store kept within government restrictions, and equipment such as baskets and trolley handles are regularly wiped down especially after use. For whatever procedures and etiquettes you have in place, our management team will see to it that our all too willing guards follow on and adapt should issues arise. It is attention to detail that sets Pinnacle Protection apart as being a top provider of retail security services in Sydney.

Retail Security Management

Our management team actively interacts with security on the ground and ensures that reporting is accurate and processes are being adhered to so that we have all the information needed to regularly keep our clients aware of the security risks and updates on their premises. It is imperative that our management team keep on top of officers and the daily occurrences within stores to ensure you get full value from our retail security solutions offered to you. Pinnacle Protection will ensure that your retail security service is professional and hassle free so you can have peace of mind that your premises and assets are being protected.

At Pinnacle Protection we pride ourselves to go above and beyond for our clients. To discuss our range of retail security solutions aimed at loss prevention please call us at
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Overview Of Retail Security Solutions,
Concierge Security & Loss Prevention

CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera Installation and coverage is very important and needs to be installed in multiple places of the building to keep and eye on everything. This helps in keeping record of everything. Camera coverage is recommended .

Uniformed &well-Mannered Officers

We provide highly trained but as well as uniformed and mannered security officers that have lots of experience in their field.

Monitoring System

All alarm monitoring systems are monitored 24/7 by our security officers and handle any situation if any alarm happens to go off.

loss prevention

We develop loss prevention strategies that are specifically made for you and your requirements so that there is no room for any loss of money or valuable assets.

loading dock & delivery supervision

Pinnacle protection goes above and beyond as we also provide you loading docks and delivery supervision to make sure that everything is going as planned.

Concierge Security Officers

Our concierge security officers welcome your guests and help them out in any problem they have. Our officers help them make feel at home by providing unparalleled care and service.


Yes absolutely. Pinnacle Protection would be happy to assist you with watching over customers at self-service checkouts and ensure that they are indeed paying for their items. Let us know what security problems you may have and we can formulate a plan to reduce crime rates in this area.

From our experience, the mere presence of a security guard at a store can put off group theft despite the gangs being outnumbering and being capable of assailing a single guard on duty. However, though we strive to provide you with the best retail security solutions we cannot expect our officers to take on immense danger except to observe and report issues to police, and stop suspicious people as safely and professionally as possible while maintaining the general flow of your business. If you fear your store may be under great threat, then have a chat with us and we could determine the level of risk facing your store, and if necessary, tighter security measures may be offered.

Yes, we have large clear and professional security warning signs that could be used to help deter threats to your store. Let us know what you would like and we will do our best to cater to your needs.