CCTV Camera Installation and Alarm Monitoring

Get your Alarm Monitoring & best CCTV camera installation services in Sydney from Pinnacle Protection.

A Wide Range of CCTV Camera Installation Services

Pinnacle Protection utilises the latest in CCTV security camera technology and CCTV Camera Installation for the best industrial and home security camera systems in Australia. With the advancement of technology increasing at a rapid pace, organisations and individuals need to take sufficient security measures as old CCTV cameras and monitoring systems become obsolete at an increasing rate. All our hardware is constantly updated and tested by our expert team prior to installation and maintained on a scheduled basis. At Pinnacle Protection, we set a high standard for quality CCTV security camera installation & the best home security systems in Australia. 

Pinnacle Protection - CCTV Camera Installation and alarm monitoring
CCTV Camera Security Installation Services in Sydney

Premium And Cost Effective CCTV Camera Installation Services

We see it as our duty to keep in contact with our customers and ensure they receive premium support and service from our side if they have any questions or an issue arises with any CCTV security camera system we’ve installed. We ensure to give our best CCTV camera installation price and support in order to keep our customers satisfied. Our surveillance cameras are designed to be the best form of home security systems in Australia and are also installed by great local CCTV Sydney Security Camera Installers offering affordable and cheap CCTV camera system options for both individuals and organisations, such as Home CCTV security cameras, Work-site CCTV security cameras, Warehouse CCTV security cameras and much more to satisfy your protection needs.

Remote Access & Monitoring Software

You can access your CCTV security systems via a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world ensuring you have peace of mind when you’re away from work or home enjoying a holiday, business trip or any long distance travel you see fit, your assets will be monitored and protected.

We provide our CCTV surveillance systems and services for: 

  • Homes 
  • Schools
  • Commercial buildings 
  • Government organisations
  • Businesses
  • Corporate buildings
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Hospitals 
  • Office buildings 

Our customers will have the choice to select from a range of the latest CCTV security camera technologies and custom CCTV installation methods such as wireless camera setups and app connectivity to ensure that you are able to keep an eye on your premises in a way that is tailored to your needs and within your budget.

Types of CCTV Camera Installation, CCTV Security Camera & Home Security Camera Systems


We provide access controls systems including intelligent cards, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and key-less access systems.

security camera

Our CCTV security cameras provide high definition quality video which makes facial detection and identification of an individual easier whether its day or night.

IP camera

Our IP camera systems are connected over the internet and provide video output to any connected device such as tablet, TV or phone.

Detection Systems

Pinnacle protection provides you with the latest intruder detection systems that can detect an unauthorised persons presence in an area.


Our alarm systems are tailor made for a diverse range of clients. We provide you with alarm systems that are monitoring 24/7 .

Detection Systems

Our perimeter detection systems are ideal for sensitive sites. They will pick up any perimeter breaches and notify our guards on site.


This depends on your preferences both personal and necessary. Wireless setups have the advantage of being permanent and undistrupted by electromagnetic fields or physical barriers that hamper connection since all information travels through wires.

Wireless setups are easier to install and even uninstalled and moved around. Since they are wireless, they are prone to electromagnetic interference and physical barriers which limit connections. However, EM sensors could be placed around to get around physical barriers and strengthen the signal of the devices for improved connection reliability.

Please speak to our staff on advice for the best connection type for you. We could also organise a site visit to offer you the best CCTV camera installation and alarm monitoring solution. For more information related to wired or wireless CCTV security camera visit our Home Security System blog page.

The range of prices will vary depending on the number and quality of CCTV cameras and alarms you wish to be installed. Please visit our website Pinnacle Protection or speak to our friendly staff to issue you a quote.

Yes. Remote access is available. This could be set up with any device such as a mobile phone or laptop of your choosing in the form of an app. For more information, please contact us

Before CCTV camera installation could begin, there are a list of legislations that must be adhered to before and after installation regarding their use to protect the privacy of regular passerby-ers around. Please speak to our staff for a full list of uses for professional and proper usage of CCTV cameras.