Logistics, Warehouses, & Industrial Security Services

Pinnacle Protection is a specialist provider of logistics, warehouses, and industrial security services in Australia.

Why Do You Need Industrial Security Services?

Lawbreaking criminals often target industrial and warehouse sites because of their remote location and value of assets on site. These sites have been reported to lose from thousands to millions of dollars. Due to the sheer size of these sites and the complex supply chain and movement of goods in and out of the warehouse, transport and storage of hazardous materials and the threat of offenders around the facility eyeing your precious assets, it can be difficult to maintain security controls without professional help.  This is where we can help. Pinnacle Protection is a specialist provider of logistics, warehouses and industrial security services across Australia. Based in Sydney, we have provided security solutions to warehouses in the region for years with success.

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Industrial Security Technologies

Our industrial security services can cover the security needs of any industrial or warehouse facility. We have licensed security guards that can perform mobile patrol services on-site, monitor CCTV including CCTV camera installation, respond to emergencies and set alarms. We also place numerous overt messages to deter trespassing at these sites. Additionally, we can organse fencing of different grades around warehouses to make it difficult for would be offenders to see inside the site, enter and exit without difficulty. If CCTV and alarms are not already in place on your premises then we could offer to install them for you and have our friendly specialists teach you how to use them as well as provide ongoing, over the phone technical support.

Warehouse Security Dockmasters

Additionally, we have experienced dockmasters that can look after your warehouse premise’s safety and security while also monitoring logistics. Dockmasters can direct and organise trucks into loading spaces, obtain I.D and reports of all drivers entering the bay and control the entry point gate. If CCTV cameras are accessible in the dock office, our guards could also be trained to monitor them all while patrolling the perimeter and maintaining presence to deter suspicious activity. Our officers’ ability to adapt and learn a range of procedures on your premises and the reliable managers behind them sets us apart from other industrial security services in Sydney.

Trained To Deal With Hazardous Materials - Industrial Security Services

Warehouses often store and transport dangerous and hazardous materials. At Pinnacle Protection, we are experienced in providing guards that are trained to deal with hazardous materials and the risks associated with them. Our guards understand fire safety and can operate fire control panels such that if a smoke detector were to go off, our guards know how to coordinate themselves looking at a fire panel, isolate alarms, log down actions and occurrences on the fire panel and make their way to the location that set off the smoke alarms. 

If the alarm is not false, guards will have already been briefed and trained on fire exits and extinguisher locations and can coordinate with and guide any other staff or drivers onsite ensuring the safe evacuation of all and safety of the warehouse within their power. Officers can also keep note of other toxic substances, fumes and open wares that can be dangerous to people and act accordingly to mitigate these issues. When it comes to providing logistics, warehouse and industrial security services, there is nothing Pinnacle Protection can’t do for you.

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Overview of Logistics, Warehouses, & Industrial Security Services

CCTV Camera

CCTV camera installation is an essential part of security for big sites like warehouse so that everything is monitored and recorded. This will help in keeping an eye on everything.


Pinnacle Protection provides with access control which will give the employees access cards so that there is no unauthorized access to your warehouses or industrial sites.

Response Services

Our alarm response services are tailor made for a diverse range of clients. We provide you with alarm systems that are monitoring 24/7 and if any uncertainty arises the officials, security guards and emergency teams are notified about it.


We provide security fencing around the site with warning signs placed near the fences to send direct any potential criminals away from the site.


Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way of maintaining an overt security presence and provide peace of mind. Our alarm response and mobile patrol help secure your warehouses even more with regular patrols throughout the day and night.


There is a need of a proper security plan for such large scale industrial and warehouse sites. Pinnacle Protection helps you give devise a proper security plan that will secure your business throughout the year.


Yes. Pinnacle Protection guards could perform basic computer operations and as part of our industrial security services can have them trained up to utilise your systems and programs.

Yes. We also provide a GPS patrol reader to guards to scan points strategically set up around your premises. The tags they scan are automatically sent back to the computer and the exact time and location displayed. This can be generated into a report for our clients and managers to view at any time to show that dockmasters are still keeping their eyes on the entire premises in between dockmaster duties.

Our industrial security services are tailored to meet your needs. We believe there is always an efficient and more cost-effective way to meet your minimum needs no matter the size of the job. Together we could plan an efficient and worksafe way to ensure that guards are looking after your facilities without overexerting themselves. We can provide you with professional advice after reviewing your warehouse layout and requirements and offer you the best solution. Give us a call today and find out what suits you.