Drone Security

Providing unparalleled drone services

Providing Surveillance with Drone Security

Pinnacle Protection provides drone security services that allow security personnel to identify and deter threats, survey larger areas in less time, and respond more effectively to intruders.

Aerial drone services are an ideal tool for upgrading your security presence. They are able to traverse a route more quickly and effectively than a person, moving over obstructions easily and being able to view rooftops. Drone aircraft can penetrate through small and confined spaces, they make minimal noise and can be fitted with night-vision cameras and thermal sensors to provide high definition vision that can not be seen by the human eye.

Drones could be used for regular security surveillance alongside security personnel onsite. They could also be used for a one-off surveillance to generate an advanced and exclusive site security report that is detailed and full of enhanced imagery.

Pinnacle protection has the latest technology drones that are operated by trained staff members that can be used for multiple security purposes.

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Pinnacle protection - Drone Security

Overview of Drone Security

Intruder Response

Equipped with thermal imaging, drones are able to not only spot intruders but track them until they can be apprehended.

Safe & Effective

Security Drones use automated drones that keep human security guards at a safe distance from potentially risky encounters until they’re required.

Add On

Security Drone services can be an additional add on service to any other form of security service that we provide.

Perimeter Security

Drones not only allows security forces to monitor a threat from a safe distance but also makes the security guard travels less distance.

Better Surveillance

Traditional methods of surveillance are now outdated. Drones provide an advanced set of surveillance that is not only safer but better as well.


Advanced drones produce little to none noise which can be perfect for surveillance. Drones are also able to pick up faint noises that a normal may find difficult to hear.