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Providing Surveillance with Drone Security Services Sydney

Pinnacle Protection provides you with an expert high quality drone surveillance & drone security service, enabling our trained security personnel to utilise the extra added security layer of your site; allowing them to identify and deter threats, survey larger areas in less time, and respond more effectively to intruders.

Added Perks of Choosing Drone Surveillance & Security

Traditional methods of surveillance are now proving to be outdated and ineffective for some sites. So in order to combat this defect in security we’ve offered a cost effective solution to your security needs, ensuring maximum surveillance of your site where other, old and outdated CCTV cameras and human vision may find it difficult or impossible to bypass obstructions or view a particular section of site in time. 

Thus our smart stealth drone security are deployed and extremely capable of reaching those hard to get places in time, guaranteeing you with a detailed report of what is occurring at site and making sure to achieve the best possible result in smart alarm security responses. Here at Pinnacle Protection we strongly adhere to the law and regulations of drone use case by case so our drone surveillance Sydney technicians ensure you have an extremely professional, simple and smooth experience with us.

Pinnacle protection - Drone Security

Your Drone Security Experience

Drones can be used for regular surveillance around and throughout the perimeter of your site alongside our expertly trained security personnel providing you with a large force of security presence, as well as being used for smaller tasks. Our drone security can also be used for a one-off surveillance of the site generating a highly advanced and exclusive site security report, consisting of enhanced images, heat mapping results and a strong analysis of your site’s risk management. At Pinnacle Protection we separate ourselves from other security services with our advanced technology and dedication to high quality safety of your valuable premises and persons.

Security Presence

Including drone security in your security risk management plan provides you with an extra edge and layer of protection, ensuring you maximise your surveillance range and security reach. With drones, you can scan difficult to reach areas such as rooftops, move over obstructions and scan traditional CCTV camera blind spots you may have onsite. A drone security aircraft can penetrate small and confined areas and be fitted with night vision & thermal camera sensors, providing you with high definition footage and heat maps of the area, dramatically increasing our ability to prevent and monitor any threats or would be criminals that the human eye may fail to see.

Fast Response To Danger - 4K Definition and Thermal Images

Our intruder and danger response ability using security drone surveillance rapidly speeds up our time and gives us an added advantage of tracking them. Capturing 4K definition footage along with thermal-image mapping secures you with an efficient and better security network, ability and overall presence ensuring your site has the latest and top of the line security technology.

This drone security add-on in addition with our fully licensed and trained guards ensures you with a secure perimeter and better surveillance than the average site may have. Our drones provide the latest in stealth security technology and allow you to view high quality footage, images and thermal images of your site. Drone security can also pick up and detect noises that may normally be difficult to hear for the average human, thus ensuring you with a great security force on site in the form of a minimalistic, stealthy form if need be. These hard to spot drones can also be paired with our undercover guards, dressed in normal/ hard to see clothing at your request.

Pinnacle protection has the latest technology drones that are operated by trained staff members that can be used for multiple security purposes.

To find out more about drone security or protective security solutions please, contact us on: 1300 590 572

Pinnacle protection - Drone Security Services Sydney

Overview of Drone Security

Intruder Response

Equipped with thermal imaging, drones are able to not only spot intruders but track them until they can be apprehended.

Safe & Effective

Security Drones use automated drones that keep human security guards at a safe distance from potentially risky encounters until they’re required.

Add On

Security Drone services can be an additional add on service to any other form of security service that we provide.

Perimeter Security

Drones not only allows security forces to monitor a threat from a safe distance but also makes the security guard travels less distance.

Better Surveillance

Traditional methods of surveillance are now outdated. Drones provide an advanced set of surveillance that is not only safer but better as well.


Advanced drones produce little to none noise which can be perfect for surveillance. Drones are also able to pick up faint noises that a normal may find difficult to hear.


Yes. While static guards are of great importance to the security of a site, many large sites require additional units to keep track of large spaces such as, farms, stadiums, large construction sites etc. Therefore while going over our security plan for your site we can determine whether adding drone security instead of an extra static guard or vehicle patrol is in your best interest. For your free quote, please contact us.

Yes. All footage recorded along with a detailed report can and will be sent to you when you see it fit. Even if there were no problems on site.

Drones must be controlled by a guard on site, however, over a strong review of our risk management plan we could offer you with a one-time drone patrol, minimising cost and enhancing your security experience. Please contact us for more information.