Risk Management Security Services

Providing Risk Management Security Services in Sydney

Risk Management Security Services and Tailored Security Plans

All industries face some kind of internal or external security risks. Pinnacle Protection provides Risk Management Security Services across Australia. We take the time to understand our clients’ business and operations and assist them in formulating and implementing a security risk management plan specific for their day to day business activities.

Our highly-trained and licensed security personnel are experts in security management services. Applying the best practice techniques, technology and tailored plans to deliver results you require.  We are pioneers in this space and have the unique perspective of being able to design solutions encompassing many years of front line experience and management positions.

Furthermore, we also assist clients in liaising with government organisations and gaining approval for events and activities that have a security element approval process.

To find out more about our risk management planning service please call on at (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below.

Pinnacle Protection - Security Risk Management Planning

Overview of Risk Management Security Services

Assessment &

Knowing how to plan and manage risks can help reduce the impact of unexpected events.

Mitigation &

We define a risk mitigation approach and advise of security controls for each risk.


We are able to implement a risk management plan for your regular business activities and special events.


There are many different types of security that could be established on your chosen premises. To decide upon the best option that optimises security while complementing your budget can be a difficult decision to make. So opting to have risk management security services conducted by our security risk professionals is a cost-effective way to determine the best security plan that suits your needs.

This could take only a matter of a few days as our staff is very flexible.

Firstly, a meeting with one of our professionals is organised to learn about your budget restraints and specific security requirements. A site visit is then conducted to survey and better understand the layout of your premises and the existing security in place is noted. We take our survey report back to the office and develop multiple security plans that best suit your needs and budget constraints before proposing our offers. Of course, if you wish to edit our offers to better suit your needs, then we could organise to discuss further until you are satisfied with our proposals. If you choose to go ahead with any of our plans, then our site visit fee can be voided. Please contact Pinnacle Protection today for over the phone free advice to learn more.

Depending on your chosen security solution from our risk management proposals, you may or may not decide to have us regularly check and update your security requirements. At any time, you may contact us for free over-the-phone advice if you feel changes to your current security plan needs to be updated. For more details check out our Security Management Services page.