General Security Services

Pinnacle Protection - Event Security Services

Event Security Services

Specialised Event Security Services Pinnacle Protection is a specialist at providing event security services, ranging from sporting events, concerts, festivals and religious events across Sydney,

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Pinnacle Protection - Counter-Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism Services & Training Programs Terrorism knows no boundary it has remained a major security challenge for Australia and the world over the last

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Pinnacle Protection - Armed Security guards

Armed Security Guards

Highly skilled armed security guards Pinnacle Protection provides you with a special force of armed security guards that are highly trained and experienced in carrying

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Pinnacle Protection - Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief

Emergency relief services Pinnacle Protection provides emergency relief services where there is a need for providing manpower in emergency situations. Typically, we are called in

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Pinnacle protection - Drone Security

Drone Security

Providing Surveillance with Drone Security Pinnacle Protection provides drone security services that allow security personnel to identify and deter threats, survey larger areas in less time, and

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