General Security Services

Pinnacle Protection - Event Security Services

Event Security Services

Pinnacle Protection’s specialised event security services Pinnacle protection offers a strong and vast security presence at your event venues ranging from sporting events, concerts, festivals

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Pinnacle Protection - Counter-Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism Services & Training Programs Terrorism is an extremely dangerous threat to society. It knows no boundary and has remained a major security challenge

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Pinnacle Protection - Armed Security guards

Armed Security Guards

Highly skilled armed security guards Services Sydney Pinnacle Protection provides you with a skilled and licenced armed security force. Our Armed security guards are highly

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Pinnacle Protection - Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief

Emergency relief services Pinnacle Protection provides emergency relief services in Sydney where there is a need for providing manpower in emergency situations such as crime,

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Pinnacle protection - Drone Security

Drone Security

Providing Surveillance with Drone Security Services Sydney Pinnacle Protection provides you with an expert high quality drone surveillance & drone security service, enabling our trained

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