Manpower Services

Pinnacle Protection provides reliable manpower services any time of the day or night 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Professional Manpower Services in Sydney Australia

Pinnacle Protection has been supplying the most professional manpower services in Australia for more than 20 years and has maintained a 5-star reputation throughout. Based in all of Sydney and the outer regions, we strive to service you with unmatched quality and trust in our security personnel. Manpower is the use of security guards on the ground to make a physical presence for security and customer services. Our guards are fully insured, have great communication skills, are reliable and affordable with effective management behind them. We ensure that our customers receive:

  • Excellent communication skilled guards
  • Years of experience
  • Short notice supply of guards
  • Licensed guards
  • Trained Professionals
  • Handling situation effectively 
  • Providing Report & analysis
  • Concierge Services

Our Manpower services are available 24/7 and are capable of any job. We make sure that we supply you with the promised number of skilled guards and ensure that your event or any occasion runs smoothly, giving you the peace of mind. See the testimonials given to us from our clients on Pinnacle Protection and feel confident with Pinnacle Protection looking after your premises.

Pinnacle Protection - Manpower Security

Manpower Services Technology

Manpower services are made even more effective when paired with technology. Such technologies include CCTV Camera Installation, alarm monitoring and drones security. Hired guards will normally use radios, wear high visibility clothing and/or corporate clothing depending on your event’s needs, and if you have CCTVs already installed, then they could monitor them for you. Manpower also involves the use of car patrols to Together, we can find out what’s best for your security needs and budget.

Why do you need manpower services

Despite all the technology available, at times, the best security solution for an event, venue, building, work, crowds or festivals is the use of manpower services. This is the ultimate single form of security. Guards are capable of directly dealing with issues and also providing customer support to patrons of your premises. So best used on premises that are of high risk to danger such as events with many people and areas that contain expensive assets, for example, construction sites, banks, warehouses and retail stores. When you find yourself in this situation you need to ensure you have access to a reliable provider of high-quality security guards. For premises whose main purpose is to have their assets protected, we fit out our manpower personnel with our special GPS patrol technologies. These involve the use of hand-held GPS devices that are used to scan an array of GPS tags set up around your sites of concern. A patrol plan is generated at the beginning of your contract with us to analyse the best and most efficient patrol pathway for guards to ensure that your assets are being watched and guard presence is maximised to deter would-be intruders.

The information on the GPS device sends information in real-time to our computers so that we could check in on your assets at any time. A report could be generated and a regular report sent to you for your peace of mind. In the unfortunate event that an issue does arise onsite, such that an asset becomes vulnerable, the GPS reports allow us to better grasp how to prevent or reduce the likelihood of a repeat offence. Our technologies are designed to improve the security of your premises and your confidence in us as the best suppliers of Manpower Security Services in Sydney.

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Manpower Services

Overview of Manpower Services

Success Rate

Pinnacle Protection is proud of always delivering what we promise this is why we are one of the best security firms in Australia that have 100% success rate for our manpower services and other services as well.

Security Guards

We provide you with the best Security Guards that have excellent communication skills, years of experience and personally trained by us from our training program.


Pinnacle Protections best asset is all of its guards due to their outstanding communication skills. These skills distinguish us from other security firms.


All guards working at your event or festival are fully ensured with Workers Compensation and Public Liability, giving you peace of mind.

Site Specific

Pinnacle Protection trains guards for every type of security job and we provide you the best guards in their particular field depending on your site.

& Affordable

With over 20 years of excellence in the industry and providing security and protecting relationships of our clients we are proud to provide the most secure services at an affordable rate.


Manpower” is the use of security guards on the ground to make a physical presence for security and customer services. Feel free to contact our team for more information on what jobs our security guards could provide for your premises.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. While both are available to be used at the same time for any number of your premises, clients tend to choose one or the other.

Manpower is on the ground security. They usually look after a single premise or string of sites both small and large. Usually the security officer is on foot and has an established base onsite. This means the guard is closely securing the site and can deal with customers and contractors as they attend for as long as you need making them ideal for events, high-value assets and concierge. However, the required physical presence of the guard also means that they are limited to the number of sites they look after.

Mobile patrols have the advantage of speed and coverability. If you have many sites spread out over an entire region, car patrols make for quick check ups on each of the sites and can therefore prove to be very cost effective for those looking for minimum security presence.

Combined, they prove to be a formidable security front and are recommended for large high risk areas such as university grounds or a string of important assets with manpower services stationed at each as well as a mobile patrol in between to reinforce each of them.

We have a GPS patrol system that shows you the exact areas visited and secured by security.  GPS patrol reports and our experienced guards’ personally written and illustrated reports can be generated and sent for further confirmation to give you peace of mind that your assets and premises are being secured at all times.