Private Investigators

Access private investigators services that are reliable and will maintain your anonymity.

Access to the best Private investigators Services in Australia

Good private investigators know where to look and how to gather evidence. Legally obtainable methods and information that only private investigators may use and gather can be of great advantage to those who have puzzles they need solved. Therefore, you should consider an experienced private investigator that is capable of dealing with a variety of situations. 

At Pinnacle Protection we have access to top private investigator services in Sydney, Illawarra, The Northern Beaches, Wollongong and the Newcastle region. We supply professional private investigator services for a range of tasks. Our investigation team works hard to address every point in our clients’ brief and provide our customers with reliable and comprehensive information, delivered in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner. Our Sydney Private investigators have years of experience and can provide services like:

  • Process serving
  • Field calls
  • Debt collection
  • Repossession of goods 
  • Surveillance of individuals 
  • Workplace investigations
  • Court/forensic investigations 
  • Insurance investigations
Pinnacle Protection - Private Investigators Sydney Services

Investigations and Equipment

Pinnacle Protection’s private investigators are well-equipped and trained to efficiently and gather all the information you need on your target subject. Some methods that are

  • Take photos of suspects in public
  • Interview people connected to the suspect
  • Follow the person and watch their movements and habits in public
  • Use social media to look up information that is available about the suspect. This does not include hacking into their account as that is illegal.
  • Access publicly and legally available, but difficult to access information about the case
  • Contact police if they find anything that requires their immediate powers
  • Provide a well-developed and professional investigation strategy that suits that will get you all the evidence you need for your case or to relieve you of your suspicions

Surveillance incorporates undercover monitoring at traced locations to confirm the activities of a person of interest. High quality hand-held cameras are used to capture any suspicious or important activities that may prove beneficial to you. Our private investigators are also well versed with the use of a range of social media platforms to assist in building accurate detailed information on the targeted research subject. This research assists in surveillance when searching for particular behaviours and locations that your person of interest operates in. 

All information gathered is put together in well-structured professional reports that are easy to follow and understand for your end goals. Most important of all, our private investigators are legally licensed to conduct investigations under the NSW government and our methods and use of tools are completely legal, confidential and highly successful, so you don’t have to worry about a privacy law-suit by the end of our investigation. 

As transparent as Private Investigators can be!

To make sure that you know what your assigned private investigator is up to during their investigation, regular reports of findings, outcomes and recommended follow-up actions in line with the law are sent to you. You will know what methods are being used, where the investigator has been and any information that can be legally gathered so you understand every step of the investigation and the use of each piece of the puzzle you want solved. Our procedures are professional, clear and concise and worthy of the best provider private investigator services in Sydney. 

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Overview of Private Investigators


Many employers have issues with cheating employees or are concerned with the back ground history of employees.

Missing Persons

If you are looking to find people who are missing or that you have lost touch with, family or friends, or even a debtor who owes you money, we offer a comprehensive and very successful tracing service within Australia and most countries worldwide.

Partner Investigation

Concerned about where and what your spouse/partner is doing? If you are suspicious that your partner might be hiding something and you want to know the truth, then we can assist you by providing discreet information on your partner and their activities.


If you want to know more about a person or just need to know about one particular piece of information then background checks are the right choice.


If you need to keep an eye on a person because of which some issues arise in your business or family then its best to contact a personal investigator for surveillance.


This depends on the jurisdictions of your local area. But as a forenote, private investigators are not police officers and therefore could not make arrests on suspicion or obtain search warrants. They may make citizen arrests depending on the circumstances as anyone else could. They also may not trespass onto property or gather information in a way that intrudes on one’s privacy rights. Ultimately, they are like ordinary people, but have the right to work as private investigators with their licence.

What separates a private investigator than simply investigating yourself, is that private investigators are not only well versed in the law, such that they know clearly what investigation boundaries there are, but also that they have access to legal information that is not easily accessible to anyone and proven investigation strategies that can get you all the evidence you need. This includes background information such as criminal and divorce records, and daily actions and whereabouts.

Tell us your concerns, and we can make a plan together to determine how our private investigators could help you.

Private investigators can follow people who are unaware that they are being followed. If the suspect is aware it could be considered to be stalking or harassment and hence it becomes illegal for them to continue tailing them for a while until the suspect is unaware again. There are many methods to investigate a case, so if following someone fails, then our investigators will focus on a different strategy in the meantime.

Yes. Like any witnesses, they can provide their case in court to assist you wherever necessary.