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Providing security solutions for people, assets, businesses and infrastructures with well-trained security guards.

Protective Security Solutions for you

Pinnacle Protection has a long history in providing security services and is one of the top protective security providers in Sydney, Illawarra, The Northern Beaches, Wollongong and the Newcastle region. There is a strong need for professional and well trained protective security services, ensuring your assets and loved ones are safe at all times. We provide highly skilled and efficient guards who are experts in risk identification and mitigation. Our managers are trained to understand and efficiently communicate with security staff  ensuring to maintain effective leadership throughout the personnel when dealing issues and maintaining compliance. 

Where we provide our protective security

Pinnacle Protection - Protective Security
Pinnacle Protection - Protective Security

Pinnacle Protection Protective security solution skills

We work closely with our clients to ensure all enquiries, worries and threats are identified, by appropriately having our expertly researched risk mitigation procedures in place. On site our management team is on top of everything and regularly communicates with onsite staff. Our managers compile a managers report on site and ensure that all personnel strictly follow the report which the manager has created with our clients input added if necessary. Pinnacle Protection offers the finest in security guard personnel highly trained in providing protective security solutions. They’re well aware of the importance of your assets protection. This awareness level is what sets Pinnacle Protection apart from other security firms. 

Why Pinnacle Protection for your protective security?

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting a security firm. Many businesses would prefer to select a firm that would build a stable relationship, in order to protect your assets, business and/ or personnel. Thus, Pinnacle Protection strives to build the best possible relationship with its clients, ensuring our protective security solutions suit their needs and wants in the best and most cost effective way possible. While keeping cost low is a common and needed business fact, it is extremely important to look at the quality of service over the cost. Here at Pinnacle Protection, we strive to give you the best possible experience in protective security services with our expert offers within your budget. 

Pinnacle Protection personnel

Our security guards and managers are expertly trained in risk assessment, communication and protective security solutions, making certain that our clients are met with the most professional security personnel possible. All our guards are completely licensed and trained in first Aid, offering emergency services if need be. In protective security services, guards may find themselves in extremely threatening situations, which is why they have been highly trained and undertaken simulations, if not first hand experienced yet, Thus showing their ability to stay calm, identify the threat and take the necessary precautions and measures needed in order to neutralise the situation and protect your assets, staff and/ or loved ones. 

At your request, you’ll be able to view an entire report of where the guards went, what they saw/ encountered and anything else that occurred on site while a guard was there. We keep and regularly  maintain GPS Log reports, On site reports of who exactly entered and left the site as well as any other report you’d like us to start for you. Our expertly trusted Pinnacle Protection guards will be more than happy to help and assist you and your business in any way possible while on site with the best protective security solutions. They are licensed to help in the day to day runnings of your business and can keep a watchful eye on things in the process.

We guarantee you’ll have a strong and sound relationship with the Pinnacle Protection team, making sure that your protective security solutions are of the highest quality at all times and a cost effective solution to your needs. So contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you find a solution to your security needs.

Overview of Protective Security


Personal security for individuals or a group of individuals.


Customised security solutions for businesses focussing on external or internal threats.


Physical security or surveillance for various assets including property, vehicles and cash.


We have two types of reports. One is a written report directly by guards onsite such as risk, hazard and patrol reports.

We also have a GPS patrol report that is generated by our managers.

In a GPS patrol system, points/tags are placed around the site and scanned by guards, then after, reports are compiled and viewed by the Pinnacle Protection team for any missed points, patrols and late arrivals. After the report has been finalised, we save it and at your request, we can send you a copy of what you want to see.

Yes. We offer our protective security solutions for individuals, groups, businesses, homes, etc.

Yes. Clients may help us form the management plan to better suit their needs, such as using guards to help in customer service roles, extra patrols of certain locations within the agreed space and to wear certain uniforms as well as to be undercover if you request it. These are just a few examples that we can assist you with.