Emergency Relief

Providing manpower and perimeter security in emergency situations.

Emergency relief services

Pinnacle Protection provides emergency relief services in Sydney where there is a need for providing manpower in emergency situations such as crime, natural disasters, hospital manpower, fire safety, evacuations and terrorist attacks. Our security personnel are trained with the right certifications and procedures including First Aid, white cards and fire safety training, and are experienced in dealing with a range of emergency events. 

With excellent supervisors to lead them, our team boasts superior communication skills and coordination to navigate through an emergency situation and reduce damage. Typically, we are called in to assist with building related incidents where we send out our trained manpower and perimeter security for cladding related incidents, building collapses, evictions of dangerous persons and fires. Look no further than Pinnacle Protection for the best emergency relief services in Sydney to save the day.

Pinnacle Protection - Emergency Relief

Fast mobile car responses and patrols

We can provide regular car patrols which have the advantage of fast response to emergency situations. So if you have static security guards or alarms onsite, we can offer an immediate mobile patroller to respond in the event of an emergency situation to back up guards onsite or assess alarm outbreaks. Our cars are marked and come with a range of technologies to assist with emergency relief. Cars are equipped with cameras to record danger. Emergency lights and sirens are attached too so that in the event of an emergency the vehicle can bring awareness to the danger present. Finally, geo-fencing technology is used for premises receiving a regular car patrol service, so that when a car arrives onsite, control management are alerted to start assisting personnel onsite and the times and GPS location recorded automatically for high quality reporting. All vehicles are always stocked with medical relief gear, fire fighting items and support items such as First Aid, traffic control equipment (cones and hand-held lights) and fire extinguishers. If you need professional assistance and coordination in fast-paced emergency situations, please contact us and tell us your concerns.

Fire safety and emergency experts

No premise is free from fire safety. Especially in a country like Australia where bushfires are so common and significant that they frequently make international news. Luckily, our guards are trained in fire safety protocols and use of fire panels. Fire emergencies could be a one off fire event where security may be required, but more commonly, building managers require fire safety marshals to keep an eye on their buildings when replacing fire-proof cladding or conducting other operations that may require regular fire inspections and reports for the safety of patrons and to keep within government rules and regulations.

Emergency relief fire safety procedures include, keeping firestairs clear of obstructions, operating fire panels to find the source of potential fires whether false alarms or true, directing evacuations and guiding fire brigade personnel in and around the building.

You may simply need an immediate manpower to help relieve a flaming situation.

Fire safety and emergency experts

In the unfortunate and dreadful event that a dangerous person needs immediate attention our officers could be dispathed to deal with the threat or provide emergency relief. These dangerous people may be tenants of a building that are being evicted, terrorists and general criminal threats. We have sufficient reserves of manpower to be called upon on short notice to relieve a situation of the threat or prevent troubling tenants from bringing ruin to your building before being evicted. Furthermore, we could assist in setting up perimeter fencing to make it difficult for dangerous people entering the site without getting caught

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Overview of Emergency Relief


Pinnacle protection provides guards that repond quickly to the site.


We have trained professionals in our emergency relief team.


Providing a secured perimeter around the site .


We, Pinnacle Protection do our best to help you in any way possible where emergency relief is needed, but you could take measures to reduce or prevent the possibiliy of an emergency occurring in the first place.

  1. You could hire our security services to look after your premises
  2. If permanent staff are not affordable, then we would be happy to provide you with professional consulting services. This includes a detailed site-specific report detailing risks, hazards and emergency procedures on your site after we conduct an in depth site survey

Contact us and tell us about your site for free over-the-phone advice.

Pinnacle Protection can assist you in any event and are happy to discuss the possibilities over the phone before such an emergency occurs. Under normal circumstances, State Emergency Services (SES) are dispatched to deal with large scale disasters or threats. They take responsibility for large area-wide operations in conjuction with fire and police services.

But often, these services are spread thin and can struggle to provide basic safety evacuations and first aid support to people, so here our personnel can help. With Pinnacle Protection, you are priority. So survivability of patrons on your premises can be drastically improved.

Our car patrollers are equipped with emergency mobile phones for you to contact directly if needed. Alternatively, our 24/7 control centre could assist you too. All numbers are provided to you at the beginning of your safety contract with us.

Cars are alerted to emergencies as the vehicles are connected to the premises’ alarm system so usually are automatically notified for fast response without needing to be called. However, if you do not have an alarm monitoring system, then we could assist you in getting one set up.