Event Security Services

Our event security services ensures that your event runs smoothly.

Pinnacle protection offers a strong and vast security presence at your event venues ranging from sporting events, concerts, festivals and religious events across Sydney, Illawarra, Wollongong, the Northern Beaches and the Newcastle region. Our security guards are fully qualified, licenced and most importantly, dependable. Event security services guards can be available on a permanent basis for regular events or a short-term basis for one-off events and parties.

Our Event security services can be tailored to your specific needs at the best possible event security prices and services Sydney . We can provide a range of security services and solutions as well as security plans and If an incident does occur our security guards are trained to follow risk mitigation procedures.

Pinnacle Protection - Events Security services

Here at Pinnacle protection we can provide a permanent or temporary technology such as CCTV cameras Installation as well as a control centre for maximum event security and oversight at your event. We understand that your party’s are important to you and hold tremendous value, therefore it is our goal to protect your guests, assets and yourself from would be criminals, party crashers, criminal activities, abrupt behaviour, or any other mishaps. 

Having a professional security set up and presence is important to securing your event, We provide our event security services whether its an 18th birthday party, a concert, football stadium, corporate parties, school parties or private parties. If you need our services we will be there and cater to your needs no matter how big or small.

Our industry advanced perimeter checks can be accompanied by a GPS logging system, where we can monitor where the guards have been patrolling. This log can be requested at any time and can assist in constantly updating and reviewing our security risk management plan in order to not only better our event security services, but to provide you with an unmatched professional security backing at your party / venue.

Security managers and senior officers are extremely important in providing a strong and well connected relationship with yourself and the guards protecting your venue. At the request, managers will inform guards of your event security needs and ensure that you receive the best quality service in your event. All our guards are trained in First Aid and can perform life saving techniques for urgent medical situations.

Event Security

Case Study For Private Event Security Services in Sydney

Pinnacle protection understands that security is not the same for everyone and in every venue, otherwise it would not be as effective as it is in preventing a security breach in your event. Which is why we can provide you with fully qualified licenced guards available for either permanent positions, short-term or one off events and parties. Our services are customisable to your security needs and we ensure to provide you and your guests with a quality and professional security experience.

So at your next party, focus on your guests and let Pinnacle Protection handle the security. Contact us at 1300 590 572.

Pinnacle protection provides you with the manpower you need in the way in which you want it. We understand the importance of a safe and secure environment for not only yourself but your guests, therefore it’s our duty to every situation to be dealt with professionally and thoroughly throughout expertly trained guards. Our private party event security guards are professionally trained to handle any situation that may arise in the best possible way, we also provide uniformed as well us non-uninformed guards to provide you with an undercover security force, blending in with guests at your party. Our top of the range CCTV Security Camera systems designed to assist our event security services, can also be installed temporarily or permanently for added surveillance protection.

What we Offer

  • Crowd Control
  • Noise Control
  • Invitation checklists
  • Prevention of unwanted guests
  • Conflict management
  • Perimeter checks
  • Emergency medical support 
  • Fire Safety Expertise
  • Emergency Preparedness

Overview of Event Security


Circumstances can change quickly with large crowds. You can rely on us for crowd control. Our qualified guards are trained to handle such situations.

Safety Expertise

We are ready for all circumstances and have experience working at highly flammable sites. Our men are professionals and dependable.


Our security guards are skilled and trained for mass evacuations in case of severe emergencies. We value your safety more than anything.


That depends on the size of the venue, number of guests and if any technologies are needed to be added; such as CCTV camera’s, however we understand that people work with budgets when it comes to security and we’ll work with you on formulating a management plan of the site addressing important details such as, if customer service roles are needed to be performed by guards, number of guards, type of patrols i.e vehicle patrols, static guards, surveillance cameras, etc. For your event. Please contact us for your free quote.

Here at Pinnacle protection we offer licenced, highly qualified and skilled, armed security guard services. For more information, please contact us.

Yes, you will be given contact numbers in the event you need the supervisor, manager or head to speak to. Additionally, our guards onsite could make contact on your behalf.

Yes, we have guards that hold RSA licences for events that serve alcohol. Let us know if your event serves alcohol so we could organise guards with the right qualifications to make sure you operate your venue within government legislations.