Covid-19 Security

COVID-19 Security Marshals

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge changes in everyday life not seen since World War II. Only with covid-safe compliance, will people and governments be satisfied to continue doing business all over the world. It has become necessary for businesses to have excellent covid-safe policies to ensure people continue to visit and work at their premises.

Pinnacle Protection’s COVID-19 marshals excel in reinforcing COVID-19 safety procedures. We will ensure staff and customers who enter your premises:

  1. Are wearing masks correctly over their noses and mouths
  2. Are scanning into QR codes with the ServiceNSW app or physically signing in
  3. Hand-sanitize
  4. Maintain 1.5 m distance from each other
  5. Do not exceed the visitor/customer limit of 1 person per 2 square metres
  6. Are able to see COVID-19 related signage. And if none are available, we could have them installed for you.

COVID-19 safe inspections and reports

Our trained personnel can assist you by providing you with advice on how you could improve your premises covid-safe procedures. Contact us today on 1300 590 572 or email for free over the phone advice or to book a site inspection.


Yes. They have all received at least 1 dose of the vaccine.

Yes we can provide security to medical servicers. We make sure that our security marshals take regular covid-19 tests as they will be in close contact with COVID-19 patients. Please contact us to discuss further.