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We provide security for all places of worship.

Places of worship Security

In the modern world, even places of worship are no longer a sanctuary and can become easy targets.  Whether it’s a church, mosque, temple, or synagogue it’s important for the community to remain vigilant and take precautionary steps. Threats to a religious place can be direct hostilty from outside such as people with violent religious bias, or from regular communers themselves who may cause trouble. When dealing with a place of worship, it is important to understand the religious sensitivities, customs and sometimes politics that are abound to ensure worshippers are not offended yet they obey the rules while also protecting the place from outside threats. That’s why at Pinnacle Protection, we offer places of worship protective security to make sure that your premises operate seamlessly and are safe.

Pinnacle Protection provides specialised security for places of worship. Through an initial consultation, we develop a security plan for your facility. Our security staff are trained to deal with the religious customs of each place of worship to ensure it is protected and worshippers feel safe and respected. No matter the size and number of attendees, our security officers are trained to deal with small and large sized premises and work effectively in teams with other security personnel and religious authorities.

Thinking about security and putting it on your radar is essential to providing a peace of mind to your community. We provide places of worship security services such as:

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Pinnacle Protection - Places of Worship

Places of worship Security

As well as security guards, Pinnacle Protection also offers licenced traffic controllers for your carparking lots. In a highly populated area such as a large town or city, there are usually local government restrictions on how many people could attend places of worship and other facilities that have high attendance. Especially in this time of covid-19, these restrictions are even more severe and must be protected otherwise risking the forced closure of the religious place thereby affecting public order due to religious sensitivities being roused. 

With Pinnacle Protection’s traffic controllers and security guards, we could control the number of cars that park onsite and the number of attendees. Our traffic controllers and guards are experienced at having the difficult task of asking worshippers to turn away if capacity is reached. We communicate well with religious authorities to get these messages across to worshippers reducing the chance of sensitive people lashing out and threatening closure of the premises.

Counter-terrorism and armed security

In light of recent aggression towards religious groups there are concerns regarding the safety of the places of worship. While we live in a country that has strict laws against the use of guns, no one is truly safe. Places of worship in particular attract a relatively high level of hostility from groups that may be anti-religion or over-zealous in their own different religion. While there are many benefits to a free speaking country, that also means that there are people who think they may freely rouse violent groups against others. 

A terrorist attack can be sudden and difficult to notice. Here at Pinnacle Protection we are experts in mitigating such threats and can give you expert anti-terrorist advice and incorporate rigid procedures to defend. We have armed security guards that could be deployed to protect your religious sanctuary while looking after worshippers with respect. With Pinnacle Protection, your people will have peace of mind with our guards around. For more on counter-terrorism and armed security, please visit our page for more details.

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Overview Of Places of Worship Security


Controlling and limiting access is one of the most important steps that can be taken to improve security, and should be implemented whenever possible.


We devise a security plan for houses of worship based on the area and the necessary requirements needed.

Surveillance & Monitoring

24/7 surveillance and monitoring is done to maintain a secure environment and reporting any interruptions or unauthorized access.


Yes. Pinnacle Protection have workers from different religious backgrounds and have provided security to places of worship. Regardless, for less known religions we are happy to learn your customs and execute procedures that will not only protect your premises from trouble and legislation, but also keep the worshippers happy.

It is indeed difficult to pick out a person who is plotting violence against your place of worship as they could blend in with the crowds. If violence erupted our guards are first to respond to contact local police and call back up to mitigate the threat. Our ability to learn the layout of the sacred place as well as current troublemakers allows us to set up in a way that all areas are constantly being watched and ensures swift deployment of aid necessary to reduce damage by these violent people and have them taken away by police. We could organise a check-in for all attendees to reduce the possibility of weapons being brought in too. Please contact us for more information and we could organise a survey of your site for the best solution.

While all guards and traffic controllers we send to places of worship are trained to be religiously sound on all sites, we could cater your needs too. Give us a call and we could discuss all matters of your concern and find the best solution.