Alarm Response Services & Mobile Patrol Security

Protect your business and workplace with our Alarm response Services & Mobile patrol security.

Pinnacle Protection professional Alarm Response Services spanning from home and personal alarm systems to Alarm response monitoring are provided via our partners control centre. We provide rapid Alarm response across Sydney, Wollongong, Illawarra, the northern beaches and Newcastle region 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Mobile Patrols are one of our great cost-effective professional Alarm Response Services we provide in order to maintain an overt security presence around your assets when full-time security is not a pragmatic option. This gives you peace of mind knowing that mobile patrols and alarm response security guards are keeping a record of the state of your premises while reducing the likelihood of severe security breaches. And in the unfortunate event that a breach does occur, our documented records from previous mobile patrol reports provide valuable information for investigations to form a counter plan that will limit or prevent these offenders from causing further damage.

Pinnacle Protection - Alarm Response & Mobile Patrol Security
Pinnacle Protection - Alarm Response & Mobile Patrol Security

Our professional Alarm Response Services include Alarm systems and mobile patrol security services cater to a diverse range of clients and properties including, but not limited to;

Remote Access & Monitoring Software

Pinnacle Protection specialise in providing 24 hours of Alarm responses for your premises. Apart from alarm response services, we conduct regular inspections of your property on a nightly basis and act fast when an alarm is triggered, providing you with a summary of incidents and site visit reports.

At the beginning of a contract, each of our clients’ sites they want to be patrolled is surveyed and inspected by management and an in-depth report is produced. The report illustrates and reports on each site’s level of risk and a patrol strategy that best tackles the risk on site is established.We utilise sophisticated Alarm response patrol technologies including GPS technologies, Geo-fencing and advanced procedures using our professional Alarm Response Services to ensure that your assets are being safely guarded effectively.

Marked and unmarked mobile patrols

All patrol cars can be marked to increased security presence or unmarked and undercover depending on your preferences to your circumstances. Additionally, if alarms are not already installed on site, Pinnacle Protection offers a range of alarm system technologies such as personal and home alarm systems to enhance your protection in order for rapid Alarm response.

Our alarm response, monitoring and mobile patrol security can be tailored to meet your needs. To get started, please call us on (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below

Overview of Alarm Response Services
& Mobile Patrol Security.

Protecting your business

Our mobile patrol security offers more than an alarm response. We conduct regular inspections of your property on a nightly basis. Alarm response takes priority over our patrol, meaning any threat to your business is immediately responded to.

Low cost
security solution

We offer a preset flat fee for our mobile patrol service providing you with peace of mind with full transparency of work. All summaries of incidents and visits are provided meaning full accountability to our clients.

24 hour
control center

We work closely with the Police and our Control Centre to ensure your business can continue to operate with minimal risk. Our Control Centre act fast when an alarm is triggered in our client’s premises and ensure immediate response and investigation.


The benefits of mobile patrols are to do with the fact that a security guard uses a fully equipped ‘vehicle’ to conduct patrols. This allows for greater coverage of multiple sites, faster response to alarms and car equipped technology including cameras surveillance and GPS locations for added protection.

Alarm response services could be organised with mobile patrols for immediate responses by mobile patrollers when an alarm is sounded on your premises.

Mobile patrols therefore are a good solution for those looking for quick and widespread security coverage that offers minimum protection and presence at an effective price.

All cars are equipped with GPS tracking and Geo-fencing capabilities. Geo-fencing is a technology that can be set up at a site of interest. When a car patroller visits the site or responds to an alarm, the car detects that it has arrived at the location and alerts the patrol software for proof that the guard has visited the site. Sites set up with alarms for our response services will also show a history of alarms sounded and times guards are arriving on site to respond. Furthermore, GPS tags could be set up around the site of interest, where guards will then have to step out of their vehicles to scan these points and walk around the building. These could be used as evidence to show our clients that we are thoroughly doing our work for them.

They provide minimum security surveillance and presence. Each guard notes the condition of the site at that point in time to make sure that the site is well during regular patrols.

At Pinnacle Protection we also offer alarm response monitoring. Our vehicles are equipped with features that allow guards to be alerted to alarms during regular patrols. This enables swift responses to issues that occur on your premises.

Mobile patrols are a fraction of the cost in particular when our client has multiple sites close together. THe more sites, the cheaper it becomes because numerous sites could be handled by one car patroller in a short amount of time.

There are two kinds of alarms, silent and loud alarms. Silent alarms, when tripped do not trigger a siren, but instead quietly relay the information to a remote system.

There are also loud alarms that trigger a siren when tripped with the intention of frightening intruders into leaving the premises.

If you choose to install a personal alarm system, we offer mobile alarm response service so that a mobile patroller will come down and investigate the premises when an alarm is sounded to add protection.

We are able to provide coverage across Sydney, Illawarra, the Northern Beaches, Wollongong and the Newcastle region 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Yes these alarms are permanent. They could be uninstalled if you choose to no longer continue using them. Additionally,alarms could be installed without the full alarm response service package such that a mobile patrol security guard will not be deployed to manage your sites in response to alarms being tripped. 

Please speak with our professional staff for a security solution that best suits your needs.

They can patrol as much or as little as you require. We can also offer our best advice in regards to your situation and your needs. Talk to our friendly professional staff now for more to discuss your security concerns and situations and we could devise the best alarm response solution to your needs.

Generally, one car looks after one area or region. However, if an emergency occurs where back up from other nearby cars is required in response to an alarm on your premises, more than one car will arrive on the scene. Otherwise, for general patrolling and alarm responses, one car will patrol. Of course, if you wish to have more cars patrolling for additional security, or you would like a security car or more patrollers to be permanently stationed on your site, then that could also be arranged.

At Pinnacle Protection, we tailor our alarm response services to your needs. In the circumstances that your premises is a large space with its own car park and street car parking is difficult, the patroller may need to park inside customer parking temporarily to patrol the premises so long as you allow it. If you have a preferred allocated car spot for security, or free access into customer parking lots for guards to commence their patrols for you, then please advise us while we are organising a mobile patrol for you. For much of this information, we will ask you before dispatching a mobile patrol.