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Tailored construction site security services to ensure your projects runs smoothly and safely

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A construction site is often big and open areas with many people working on the site. Outside of working hours, there is usually no one onsite to keep an eye on all the expensive construction materials. It is a difficult task to maintain security for such an area without the need for professional help. All our staff are certified with Australian white cards and are well-equipped to traverse the building hazards that are in and around a construction site safely. Our management team has years of experience providing security to these hazardous sites and know best how to navigate and protect them. Pinnacle Protection excels in offering construction site security services and are dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible. Please see our home page for testimonials from our numerous clients that were keen to provide their thoughts on our services.

Pinnacle Protection - Construction Sites
Construction Sites

A professional range of services

Pinnacle Protection offers specialised and reputable solutions for construction site security in Sydney. Keeping in mind the level of risks associated and nature of your site, we design tailored strategies and plans that make use of:

  • Dedicated client project manager
  • Mobile Patrol and on-foot patrols
  • CCTV Camera Installation & Surveillance
  • Daily security reports
  • ID cards for worker identification
  • Site-specific training
  • Security Monitoring
  • GPS patrol and reporting technology

All of our operations are managed by an operation center which is staffed 24/7. On-site site security officers quickly respond if an alarm goes off.

GPS Patrol Technology

Guards onsite follow well-established and successful patrolling procedures that are strictly monitored and adhered to. Our GPS patrol technology is one such procedure that gains a lot of trust from our clients. Guards are equipped with hand-held GPS devices that are used to scan GPS tags or points strategically placed in and around your premises. We conduct surveys of your premises before we set up tags and liaison with clients and site supervisors for the most important areas that should be closely monitored. The scans received by the GPS reader are immediately sent back to the computer, and even in areas of poor internet connectivity, the patrol information will store on the device’s inner computer instead to be sent remotely when a signal is in reach. This way, the exact time and location of all labelled tags can be generated into a report and sent to you at any time you wish so you know for sure that your site is being looked after regularly.

CCTV cameras and installation for your Construction Site

We also offer CCTV camera installation if it isn’t already on onsite. Our professional and specialised technical staff can help get you set up or otherwise help man the cameras that might already be installed on your building premises for maximum surveillance. Our services range long and our services professional, making our services the best choice for those looking for construction site security in Sydney.

To learn more about our construction sites security solutions please call us on (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below for professional support you won’t regret.

Mobile car patrols and alarm monitoring

For clients that have many construction sites spread across a wide area, we have the perfect option for you; mobile car patrols and alarms. Mobile car patrols allow one guard to keep their eyes on numerous sites regularly. While this means that there are no guards actually standing guard at your premises, numerous sites receive light security, and mixed with signage, potential criminals are warded off easily. Furthermore, we offer alarm system monitoring and set up. This means that an intruder that sets off the alarm would have a security car patrol visiting them as soon a s possible to deal with them. Mobile car patrols are often the cheaper alternative to static guards based onsite.

Overview of Construction Sites

Client Project Manager

We allocate a Dedicated Client Project Manager that can be contacted 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week to handle any sort of problems that arises at the construction sites.

Client Reports

We provide Daily Client Reports that are generated for each site daily and sent via email to the allocated person.

Security Guards

All of the security guards & mobile guards that we provide are licenced with licenced security and surveillance equipment's.


We provide a Site Supervisor for supervision of our ongoing quality assurance and safety program to ensure day to day site compliance's and OH&S procedures are being followed.


Pinnacle protection gives you security guards that do security patrols by foot hourly around the premises making sure that there is no sort of uncalled activities going on.


Pinnacle protection also gives you security guards that do security patrols on a vehicle around the premises making sure that there is no sort of uncalled activities going on.


Yes. Pinnacle Protection security guards are equipped with high visibility vests, hard hats, steel-capped boots, first aid kits and more to ensure they get around safely. Our security risk management team conducts a safety survey of your premises and the key areas of concern. A report is generated with illustrations and sent to staff and our clients for review. Guards are then equipped accordingly.

We offer a range of security services to ensure the safety of your premises. While dog handling is not one of our focus services, please contact us for more information on our range and supply of dogs and other services onsite for the most cost-effective option.

In our discussions with you and a survey of your premises, we do our best to take note of all hazards and risks onsite to minimise harm to our staff, and in doing so, we strive to take as much responsibility as possible. While we can’t expect our clients to inform us of every single tiny risk or hazard that would be common sense on a construction site, we do plead them to at the very least inform us of very significant risks and hazards that we may not have been able to identify easily in our survey. So don’t be shy, and tell us about your premises and we could work together to ensure the safety of both staff and site.