Corporate Building Security

Providing unparalleled corporate building security services .

We Keep our building and offices safe with our corporate building security services.

Here at Pinnacle Protection we understand the risks surrounding corporate building security and the valuable assets they may possess, such as hard drives, contracts etc. We are able to provide you with a top of the line building security plan, personnel, a management team and building guard officers that are highly skilled with years of experience looking after corporate sites, ensuring you maximise the most out of your security endeavour.

Our security guards are highly skilled and qualified to identify suspicious activity within the corporate scene. They frequently check ID’s ensuring everyone is where they are supposed to be as well as assisting you uncover would be criminals within your enterprise. We offer a wide range of guards skilled in many areas that can assist you in customer service roles as well as protecting your assets and patrons. Our staff monitor the movements in the building thoroughly, always on the lookout for potential threats. The managers compile a report of what has occurred and where the guards have been patrolling using our highly advanced GPS technology. 

This technology helps us successfully determine where the weakest and strongest parts of the building are in terms of security presence. Pinnacle Protection is determined to give your corporate building a strong security presence, deterring criminals and other threats to protect yourself, colleagues and assets of the entire building, guaranteeing you with the best corporate building security in the industry.

Pinnacle Protection - Corporate Buildings

Professional risk management and experience guards

Our risk management plan is constantly being evaluated and maintained in order for it to be secure and safe, ensuring criminals don’t study our security plan. Guards are trained in the highest form of communication skills, enabling them to assist you in your day to day functions if needed as well as enhancing the corporate building security services we provide you with. Pinnacle Protection will help you in any way possible securing your corporate building security. We make sure you receive service that you can rely on to protect your assets, making certain that your building remains operational and safe at all times.

Professional risk management and experience guards

Pinnacle Protection is a vast security company that can offer you the finest luxury’s in the security world at an extremely cost effective rate. We pride ourselves on our adaptability in any situation. Offering you a highly skilled security system safeguarding your assets and other valuables. Some expert rated technologies we use that gives us an edge over other security firms in the corporate building security scene are our use of GPS tracking technology ensuring patrol expectations are being met, heat maps of the guards patrols, CCTV security cameras both portable and permanent installation ensuring you are able to view all angles of your building in 4K high definition. As well as, offering undercover guards, armed guards and vehicle patrols to ensure not only your safety but the entire premise’s safety.

Corporate building security advantages

The advantages your corporate offices will gain from our highly skilled and experienced corporate building security methods are unmatched throughout the industry. We offer concierge security guards who perform work such as welcoming tenants and guests and ensuring the safety of the building. Our guards monitor surveillance camera systems, alarm systems and ensure extremely fast alarm response units on foot and in vehicles if needed. Pinnacle Protection will secure your premise and ensure your safety at all times, as well as, help you in any of your customer service and security needs. 

We provide corporate security staff along with concierge staff at an affordable cost. Ensuring we not only monitor for threats but also assist your day to day business functions.

Cost-effective risk management plans

The risk management plan we provide you with covers all aspects of your security weak spots and strengths, determining whether or not we install and use some of the technology we provide. As a result, the security services we offer you are not only cost effective but of high quality. Your corporate building security will be seen as a leading force in the industry due to the plans we create for you. Contact us for your free quote today. Therefore, if you are Looking for corporate building security services? then, please call us on (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below.

Overview of Corporate Building Security

Timely Lockdowns and Unlocks

Pinnacle protection gives you the peace of mind knowing that your property is properly secured after hours and ready for business at the start of each work day.

Day & Night

Pinnacle Protection provides surveillance equipment that can monitor your entire building and notice pick up suspicious activity at any time of day or night.


Pinnacle Protection provides security reports for your building.


Yes. Pinnacle protection security guards are trained to handle any situation and will happily assist your staff so long as it doesn’t negatively affect your safety and security. We also offer concierge staff along with our guards at an affordable rate. Please contact us for your free quote.

Yes. Pinnacle Protection provide you with a highly trained and skilled armed service if needed to transit your valuable assets with the utmost care and security.

Yes. Pinnacle Protection is dedicated to assisting you in any way possible. Our personnel are more than happy to wear a specific uniform you select if you desire. Please contact us for more information and a free quote.