Corporate Building Security

Providing unparalleled corporate building security services .

We keep your building and offices safe with our corporate building security services.

We understand the unique set of security risks posed to corporate building and how to maintain proper security measures. We are able to provide corporate building security plans, guards, a management team and building officers that are highly skilled with years of experience looking after large corporate sites.

The security staff provided by Pinnacle Protection also work as a concierge security guard. As such, they perform a dual role, welcoming tenants and guests and ensuring the safety and security of the building. The security staff monitor the movements in the building and are always on the lookout for unauthorized access.

The key highlight of corporate building security services offered by Pinnacle Protection is the use of a concierge security guard. Not only do our guards conduct regular patrols both inside and outside the buildings they are also trained in customer service.  As such, they handle complaints, emergency alarms, provide daily reports,  monitor any unusual or suspicious activity in and around the building, they monitor the surveillance cameras, handle any sort of noise complaints, keep everything organised in the building, We provide corporate security staff along with concierge staff at an affordable cost.

We provide corporate security staff along with concierge staff at an affordable cost.

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Pinnacle Protection - Corporate Buildings

Overview of Corporate Building Security

Timely Lockdowns and Unlocks

Pinnacle protection gives you the peace of mind knowing that your property is properly secured after hours and ready for business at the start of each work day.

Day & Night

Pinnacle Protection provides surveillance equipment that can monitor your entire building and notice pick up suspicious activity at any time of day or night.


Pinnacle Protection provides security reports for your building.