Government Organisations

Pinnacle protection provides unparalleled security for all types of Government organisations

Protecting Government organisations & Educating Staff

Pinnacle Protection provides unparalleled security to various government organisations providing housing, aged cared and hospital services.

Our services are tailored on an individual basis after an initial consultation meeting. Typically, our services can include around-the-clock security patrols and safety escorts, supported by an operations centre that is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week to handle any emergencies that may arise.

We use sophisticated technologies onsite to ensure that you get the most protection from each officer onsite. This includes the use of GPS patrol systems and enhanced procedures and reporting developed over years of experience and optimising.

We are also able to provide tailored training programs for staff covering personal safety, risk awareness and mitigation.

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Pinnacle Protection - Government Organisation

Overview of
Government Organisations Services

Integrated security

Pinnacle Protection provides CCTV Camera Installation & monitoring, staff safety, and asset security for organisations.

Fenced Premesis

We are able to provide gated fencing solutions with personnel and CCTV surveillance at sensitive sites.


Tailored training programs for staff covering personal saferty and risk assessment and mitigation.