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Pinnacle protection provides unparalleled security for all types of Government organisations

Protecting Government organisations & Educating Staff

Pinnacle Protection provides unparalleled security to various government organisations in Australia that administer housing, aged care and hospital services. Our staff are experienced in dealing with staff and customers attending these premises ensuring professionalism as the security face of the government. Our friendly management team will relay sophisticated reports to you to keep you in the know of what’s happening on your site. Additionally, we offer staff education to provide them with a basic knowledge of safety and security so that they are habitually more aware of issues on your premises. With Pinnacle Protection taking care of your government organisation, you can rest assured that it will be looked after well.

Pinnacle Protection - Government Organisation

Education programs & safety reports

We are also able to provide tailored training programs for staff covering personal safety, risk awareness and mitigation. When you book a time with us, our safety officer will be dispatched to your premise to first conduct a survey and site report on the security risks and hazards on your site with authorities. A presentation is put together and can be shown to your staff members on a booked day. The group is taken for a walk around the site to show them emergency exits and safety procedures and how they could identify hazards and risks practically. Alternatively, the site specific security report we generate from our survey on your government organisation is put together in a clear and easy to understand format with illustrations to be sent around to your staff as a safety information handbook.

Patrol technologies

When our security officers are securing your government organisation premise, we use sophisticated technologies onsite to ensure that you get the most protection from each officer onsite. These measures include the use of management surveys, GPS patrol systems, geofencing, CCTV, alarms, mobile security, armed security, undercover security, private investigators, drone technology and streamlined countermeasures for identified risks. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart and makes us one of the best security companies in Sydney and a provider of choice to government housing and education organisations.

A range of tailored services

Our services are tailored on an individual basis after an initial consultation meeting. A site visit by our management team is organised and a detailed report for clients and all guards to view for briefing is produced. Typically, our services can include around-the-clock security patrols and safety escorts, supported by an operations centre that is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week to handle any emergencies that may arise. We offer static patrols on site, where officers are stationed on your premises and patrol around the perimeter at intervals. Alternatively, mobile car patrols could be used instead, in particular, for multiple premises within an area separated from one another or a very large government organisation site. This allows many of your sites to receive patrols from a single car making it cost-effective while providing a security presence. Professional and visible warning signs are strategically hung up around your premises to ward off trouble makers and reassure patrons who can contact us using the security hotline inscribed on the signs for suspicious activity and dangers.

Top security provider for any government organisation in Australia

Here at Pinnacle Protection, we pride ourselves in being experts at providing security to government organisations in Australia and have honed our skills in this area to leave our clients satisfied. We have provided security to building companies of government developments and have developed a relationship with our building customers’ government clients making sure that they are always happy and satisfied with our efforts. Please see our website homepage for our clients’ testimonials

We tailor to your needs, so if you have another idea or any questions as to how we might be able to help with your security needs, then we are sure to be able to leave you satisfied. To learn more about our services for government organisation security, please call us at (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below.

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Government Organisations Services

Integrated security

Pinnacle Protection provides CCTV Camera Installation & monitoring, staff safety, and asset security for organisations.

Fenced Premesis

We are able to provide gated fencing solutions with personnel and CCTV surveillance at sensitive sites.


Tailored training programs for staff covering personal saferty and risk assessment and mitigation.


Yes absolutely. In addition to the standard high visibility uniforms, we also provide our security officers with Pinnacle Protection formal business clothing that are both professional while still easily recognisable as security officers maintaining a safety presence. For more information, please see our webpage and contact us.

Yes. Pinnacle Protection officers can fill customer service roles while also providing security. We have even been known to assist with watering gardens for our clients. These days, it is quite usual for officers to provide customer service, and likewise for customer service staff to keep more vigilant for security matters. The two roles, while originally different, are more gradually fusing together. Our staff are all experienced in dealing with customers in a friendly manner for your peace of mind. Please call us to discuss what kind of customer service you would like to see our guards engage in.

Yes of course. Until satisfactory, Pinnacle Protection can continually edit our security report. During our survey, we will ask what areas you are most concerned about and do our utmost best to fill the report with all the information you would like to see from the very beginning.