Construction Site Cameras

Construction Site Cameras

Pinnacle Protection specialises in providing the latest in security camera technology and installers tailored to your construction site premises. We keep up to date camera technology and ensure that they are fully set up and ready for immediate use so you could monitor your site’s assets stress-free. All our hardware is constantly updated and tested by our expert team prior to installation and maintained on a scheduled basis. At Pinnacle Protection, we set a high standard for quality security camera installation systems in Australia.

Our installation process is as follows:

  1. A site inspection to determine your best camera options
  2. We offer a variety of different types of cameras and their softwares
  3. Onsite setup and installation of cameras and internet software for immediate use
  4. On-going maintenance and support

All cameras come on their own stand that comes with the installation and are solar powered. This allows you to have the cameras installed anywhere outside on a busy site that is out in the elements. If one spot does not suit you, you could contact us to have it moved elsewhere as your construction environment changes shape.

Cameras Designed for Outdoors

For more information, please feel free to contact us and our professional staff can discuss with you how CCTV cameras can help your business’s security needs


The range of prices will vary depending on the number and quality of CCTV cameras and alarms you wish to be installed. Please visit our website Pinnacle Protection or speak to our friendly staff to issue you a quote.

Our construction site camera installation will not begin until a proper site inspection is conducted and a thorough plan of where the cameras can be set up and what they could be monitoring is determined. We can help you with understanding and knowing to what extent cameras can view your site and other private properties in the surrounding area before it is considered a breach of privacy laws. Rest assured that Pinnacle Protection will have you sorted out.