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COVID-19 safe hygiene marshal NSW

Pinnacle Protection ensures businesses in NSW are COVID-safe with our COVID-19 safe hygiene marshal. In these difficult times, the coronavirus pandemic has gripped the globe and has forced strict legislations to be enacted upon businesses making it difficult to operate normally with some companies being forced to shut down or be investigated for breaching COVID-19 restrictions. Here at Pinnacle Protection, we provide qualified security marshals in NSW, so you will have peace of mind knowing that your business could operate fluidly while keeping with legislation and helping reduce the spread of the deadly virus.

What is a COVID Hygiene Marshal?

A COVID hygiene marshal is a licenced security officer who is trained to monitor and enforce COVID-19 safety on your business premises. The hygiene marshall will ensure minimum hygiene standards and procedures are in place and followed at all times. This includes: 

  • maintaining social distancing between patrons, 
  • hand sanitizing customers and ensuring it is available at all times for use, 
  • disinfecting furniture and equipment on a set basis and after use by customers
  • Observing and reporting on the relative health of staff and customers for signs of illness (such as coughing and sneezing)
  • Ensuring that all staff are wearing appropriate protective equipment such as masks and gloves when handling products or dealing with customers where necessary

Our officers are equipped with protective clothing including a mask and gloves and wear a hygiene marshall badge and high visibility clothing on their uniform to maximise their presence in and around your premises so staff, customers, and government officials can clearly see that your business is compliant with NSW COVID-19 safety standards.

COVID Safety Plan for Regulation Compliance

When you sign up for a hygiene marshal with Pinnacle Protection, we ensure that your premises receive careful attention when preparing a COVID safety plan for you. Your premises are inspected prior to work commencing. We communicate with business managers and authorities to learn about the interactions of staff and customers with each other and equipment in the premises to identify key hygiene concerns before executing a well-developed plan that maintains compliance with COVID-19 hygiene standards. Our COVID hygiene marshals are trained onsite and a report clearly detailing all procedures is sent out to all officers and to our clients for review and guidance. With Pinnacle Protection’s professional management of your premise’s hygiene, you can have peace of mind that your business is keeping people safe during this coronavirus pandemic earning your trust in the community.

COVID Hygiene Marshal Qualifications and Equipment

Our hygiene marshals are well qualified and equipped tailored to your premise’s needs. All security personnel have recognised COVID safe hygiene marshal qualifications

NSW Gyms Legally Must Be Staffed By a COVID Hygiene Marshal

The NSW Premier has announced that all gym facilities must register a COVID Safety plan and have a dedicated hygiene marshal on duty at all times during operational hours as of 12.01 am Saturday 1 August. With Pinnacle Protection, we have you covered. We develop a COVID Safety Plan for your gym business and our hygiene marshals are well trained and qualified to deal with your premises. All our marshals hold recognised COVID safe hygiene certifications and are experienced in dealing with hygiene protocols. They are well equipped with hand sanitizers for staff and patrons, sanitation wipes to clean gym equipment before and after use, and are aware of social distancing. Depending on our initial site inspection, we will advise the use of signage and the use of other equipment that is beneficial to your business. Rest assured that your gym can continue to operate smoothly by the law with our hygiene marshalls on your premises. 

If you are running a business or are starting one up in NSW during this coronavirus pandemic, then do what is right for you and your community and contact us at Pinnacle Protection for free over the phone advice and information. We can book an inspection and have a COVID 19 safe plan prepared and submitted for you with 24 hours of hygiene marshals on the ready to ensure everyone’s health and safety. 

Do your part for the community and stay safe; COVID-safe.

Please contact us on 1300 590 572.

Or, visit our website: www.Pinnacleprotection.com.au 

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