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Best Security Companies in Sydney Australia – Pinnacle Protection

Security Companies in Sydney, Australia

Pinnacle Protection have been providing a range of security services to both the public and private sector over the last 10 years. During this time we have specialised in ensuring security officers, managers, and support staff are looking after every aspect of the sites we service. When it comes to security companies in Sydney, very few have specialised controls covering the operational aspects of security and client reporting like Pinnacle Protection.

Wide Range of Security Measures

We utilise a range of security measures to guarantee effective security. These measures include the use of management surveys, GPS patrol systems, geofencing, CCTV camera installation, alarms, mobile patrol security, armed security guards, undercover security, private investigators, drone security technology, and streamlined countermeasures for identified risks. We use state of the art cutting-edge technologies and well-devised and updated methods and procedures that ensure that you always receive high-quality protection. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart and makes us one of the best security companies in Sydney and a provider of choice to government housing organisations.

Providers of a wide range of sites

Pinnacle Protection has had over a decade of experience providing security to a range of different sites. These include housing, events, corporate settings, private functions, and retail. Our guards are dressed immaculately to your preferences and can take on multiple security roles including customer service. We provide free surveys of your sites to decide the best security measures for your company and the range of prices. A detailed report is generated, and security officers are briefed and trained on your premises to deal with whatever issues they will likely face. To stand out among other security companies in Sydney, we go above and beyond to ensure that no matter what premises you want security, it will be in good hands. 

Tailored Security Solutions

Our clients value the service we provide. According to customer reviews, our GPS patrol system differentiates us from other security companies in Sydney. This system is used to ensure that security officers are looking after and checking key areas and property onsite. We utilise hand-held GPS tracking devices that are used to scan strategically set up RFID tags around a given security site. The readings are automatically sent to the cloud and are ready for management to access at any time. A report can be generated for review and sent to you at any time for transparency to show that your site is receiving full surveillance.

If you are unsatisfactory with the setup of RFID tags, then rest assured that from the beginning of our contract with you, we send a detailed and illustrated security report showing the exact locations of all tags and other aspects of the site that we look after so you could see clearly if security personnel need to be updated about issues onsite. Apart from GPS tracking, Pinnacle Protection utilises advanced technology drones and a number of other cutting edge technologies to ensure we provide the optimal level of security for our clients. For more information on the different securities we offer, take a look at our website

Top Security Companies in Australia – Pinnacle Protection

Next time you are looking for a security management service provider, partner with Pinnacle Protection, we are one of the best security companies in Sydney as attested to by our clients. We are small enough to be nimble and flexible to our client needs yet, large enough to take on complex projects with scale. However, there are other security service providers, such as NP Security and Chubb Security. However, before you do, please get in contact with us first because at Pinnacle Protection we provide the best security advice and offer affordable services in Sydney, NSW.


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