The best home security camera systems in Australia

The Best Home Security Camera Systems in Australia

Home Security Cameras – Wired & Wireless

Pinnacle Protection provides a wide range of home security systems with guaranteed quality that ensures the safety of your family and friends. When it comes to the safety of your precious ones, only the best home security camera systems in Australia will help put your mind at ease. Pinnacle Protection prides itself on a wide range of home security services from CCTV and alarm systems to manpower services that keep you and your family safe.

CCTV Camera Installation & Monitoring

Pinnacle Protection provides the best home security camera systems in Australia ensuring you have easy and quality monitoring of your home. A range of camera products and set ups are available to suit your household needs. CCTV cameras have different levels of advancements. Varying visual and sound qualities and control setting services are available depending on our customers’ budget constraints and requirements. Visual records for weeks, months, or years could be applied. We also offer in person house surveys to determine some of the common threats in your specific neighbourhood to recommend the most effective CCTV placement to better identify and catch trespassing criminals. We provide you with the flexibility to view your home remotely. You can access your CCTV systems via computer, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere in the world. So if you are looking to improve your home security systems, then Pinnacle Protection’s CCTV security cameras are a great way to start protecting your property and loved ones.

Premium Services

Pinnacle Protection makes use of the latest hardware for our CCTV camera installation services. With advancements of technology increasing at a rapid pace, organisations need to take sufficient security measures as old CCTV cameras and monitoring systems become increasingly obsolete. All our hardware is tested by our expert team prior to installation and maintained on a scheduled basis. At Pinnacle Protection, we set a high standard for our CCTV camera installation & home security systems services. To complete your full experience using Australia’s best home security systems, we keep in contact with our customers and ensure they receive premium support and service from our side if they have any questions or an issue arises. Our experienced staff can also train you on all security products that we provide which in turn will improve your knowledge and confidence in using these camera systems. 

Home Security Camera – Wired and Wireless Options

We offer wired and wireless camera installation options to optimise your home’s safety. Each type of set up has advantages and disadvantages which greatly depend upon your property’s size and your personal preferences. At Pinnacle Protection, we have consultants ready to take your call and visit your home to offer you the most suitable system that is within your budget. Customers may select one or the other, or a combination of both.

Wired vs. wireless setups chiefly vary in the way security devices such as cameras are connected to three other important devices wired or wirelessly. These devices are the power supply, internet (router), and hardware/software that concerns the device’s programming and information collecting.

Wired security systems use cables to connect all devices

A cable runs from the camera to the power supply, an internet access point (router), and security hardware that collects all information and can be used to program the devices for specific needs. The hardware is DVR or NVR recorders which are the T.V boxes that allow users to check up on their cameras, review recorded footage, enter the camera settings, program the devices, and more depending on each camera’s software capabilities.

Wired cameras are always found on larger properties with permanent home security systems installed. Since they are wired, they do not meet with Wifi interference.

A Wireless Home Security Camera System

The opposite of wired home security systems, a wireless system uses wifi to connect all devices, and the cameras themselves can use batteries to keep powered on without wires. 

These are typically used on small properties and as temporary solutions. This is because installation is easier and set up costs are cheaper since your property doesn’t need to have cables fitted through walls and the ceiling as they are wireless. Furthermore, the cameras themselves can be battery powered allowing them to operate in power outages.

Regardless, we will make sure that not only you have the best home security camera system in Australia, but you also get a system that is best specifically for your home and personality.

Keeping up with Technology

In this modern age, technology is advancing at rapid rates. So to make sure you receive the best camera security system in Australia, our teams are constantly researching new technologies. These advancements could be brand new cameras or improved software and monitoring interfaces for a seamless user experience. Our support team is always available to take your inquiries into new technologies, and you can opt to receive regular updates and news on evolving camera technologies. So call us now to discuss your CCTV camera needs and we will be sure to provide you with the best technology to suit your needs.

Security Companies Sydney 

If you are want to be able to monitor your family home and protect your loved ones, then look no further. Here at Pinnacle Protection, we have all you need to guarantee quality home security. Should we not be able to cater to your needs, then we also recommend reputable companies such as Sydney Security and ADT Security who provide a variety of home camera systems. Please contact us at Pinnacle Protection first to discuss what solutions will ensure that you have the best home camera security system in Australia.

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