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Home Security Systems: Wired or Wireless?

The best home security systems in 2020 – Pinnacle Protection

Pinnacle Protection equips you with strong and vast home security systems, ensuring your safety is maintained at all times. We understand that static guards may not always be needed, so we offer many different home security services to cater to your needs. When it comes to the safety of your precious ones, families can not afford to take security lightly. Pinnacle Protection offers the latest technologies from CCTV Security Camera and alarm systems to manpower services. 

CCTV Security Camera Systems

We offer you a 24-hour security surveillance camera system, making sure your property is protected at all times. Our installers will assess your property and install them, leaving you with a professional CCTV camera system installed and ready for use. Our CCTV camera’s are great to monitor any suspicious activity around your property at all hours from anywhere in the world, improving your home security systems. The cameras come with an app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or pc giving you the ability to view your property, live, while on a holiday, business trip, or just a long way away for the day. Regardless of how you use them, Pinnacle Protection will offer you the best service possible with our support team. 

CCTV Alarm Systems

We also provide a large range of alarm monitoring systems. Alarms have proven to be extremely important in alerting not only yourself but neighbors and police when you’re not around. Here at Pinnacle Protection, we see it as our duty to keep in contact with our clients, making certain that there are no problems with the system. So if you’re looking to improve your security set-up and protect your property, family, and loved ones in the best and most cost-effective way possible, Pinnacle Protection is here to help. Call us today, for your free quote and a look into our vast range of state of the art technologies and CCTV Camera installation methods.

Security Guard Services in Australia

Home security is a serious matter in the modern world. Large family events, birthday parties, New Year parties, and many other social gatherings you may host, are in need of a strong home security systems plan. Hiring security guards for manpower ensures your party runs safely, defending you and your guests from would be party crashers, criminals, and random attacks. Our guards are expertly trained in protection services and our managers are experts in formulating security plans for your premises, ensuring all possible avenues of weaknesses and threats are monitored and kept safe.

Home security guards can conduct concierge tasks such as guest list checks, ID checks, crowd control, and much more. Pinnacle Protection will help you in any way possible to ensure your event runs smoothly and safely. Some options for our manpower home security services include static guards, mobile patrols, undercover guards, and CCTV Monitors, where we will set up a base and conduct our safety measures prior to work. Parties usually contain very valuable items, such as gifts and other personal assets. This is where Pinnacle Protection comes into play, We guard your gifts and other items so that you don’t have to. 

Home Security Plan

Pinnacle Protection values the long term security of your assets and loved ones. Ensuring you have the latest and strongest implementation of home security systems. While many companies may immediately rush in and install CCTV cameras and implement static guards. We at Pinnacle Protection offer to help the patrons of your household better understand the basic security needs of your property, how to use our technologies such as CCTV cameras, alarms, and much more. We have professional security consultants on our team that are more than happy to help you and your loved ones better understand their security situation and how they could stay safe at all times.

For example, educating your home’s patrons to lock doors when going out, being alert of unordinary occurrences such as unrecognisable voices nearby and signs of trespassing, keeping local police station numbers on hand for quick distress calls if needed, using new technologies, and much more. Ensuring you have a detailed home security plan is one of the most important things to do in this modern age since it can prevent you from panicking and making rash decisions in the middle of an emergency. When it comes to home security systems, sometimes having a good attitude, plan, and mindset of security practices and what to do in different scenarios is a more cost-effective course of action for yourself and loved ones.  

Top Security Companies Sydney – Pinnacle Protection

Please contact us at Pinnacle Protection to discuss what home security services and solutions best suit your safety needs for this year in Sydney 2020. We also recommend reputable companies such as Sydney Security and ADT Security. But get in contact with us today for the best advice on your course of action for your security needs at the most competitive prices in Sydney.

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