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Best school security guards services in NSW

Pinnacle Protection provides a range of top school security guards services in NSW. Our school security guards are trained to deal with school environments, onsite technologies, children and the likely threats they are faced with. Managers regularly communicate with guards so they are always aware of what is happening on the ground to ensure that only the best strategies are being implemented to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances that threaten school safety and security.

Detailed school surveys and reports

Pinnacle Protection treats each school’s security in NSW on a case by case basis to tailor to their specific needs. Our managers conduct ground surveys and collaborate with school authorities to prepare multiple strategies to select from that suit a school’s needs. Once your chosen security method is selected, our school security guard services and/or security technologies are deployed and a regular report is generated based on their findings. Our security guards are well equipped to maximise safety and their security presence is made known. 

Flexible school security guards services & contracts

Pinnacle Protection can also offer short term security contacts for high-security risk periods as required. When it comes to school security in NSW, the most chaotic time of year is often 1 week before graduation when 12th graders say their goodbyes to their school with showers of pranks, disturbances, and vandalism. Here a short term contract is often desired for a couple of weeks leading up to graduation to prevent this final assault. Pinnacle Protection specialises in measures for onsite school security guards services in NSW whether on a permanent basis or for that short time before graduation. After years of developing our processes, we’ve found even a single security guard on the ground acts as a major deterrent. So rest assured, no matter what contract you believe is best in your interests, any of Pinnacle Protection’s security offers are guaranteed to see significant results.

Advanced security technologies and effective strategies

Many schools utilise basic security camera technologies, and while Pinnacle Protection also offers CCTV camera installation for security, we offer services that enhance security to ensure that all incidents are drastically reduced or prevented altogether.

A strategically placed security base to optimize security presence and a GPS patrol system for precise patrolling of high-risk areas are established. The GPS patrol system uses a hand-held GPS tracked device to scan GPS tags strategically set up around the school to ensure that regular patrols of these high-risk areas are covered by the school security guards. The officers are well equipped with high visibility clothing and torches to ensure 24 hours of security mobile patrols are effectively conducted. All security guards are trained to deal with these highly effective processes and are able to professionally and swiftly escalate a given problematic situation.

Amongst these services, CCTV Camera Installation & Monitoring, GPS-tracked marked car patrols, as well as advanced drone technologies, could also be deployed to further enhance school security guards services for quick, quality widespread surveillance around the school grounds and on top of buildings to ensure protection is guaranteed all around. With the use of such cutting-edge technologies with an effective strategy, we at Pinnacle Protection separate ourselves from other school security guards services in NSW.

Advanced security technologies and effective strategies

If you are looking for the best school security guards, then Pinnacle Protection has all you need to ensure the safety of all your students in your most preferred and affordable way. However, we understand that there are other security providers out there who offer competitive solutions to a range of school security issues where we may lack. We recommend other reputable companies such as Corporate Security Australia for general security and Bluedog Fences Australia for those interested in school fencing.

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